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  Website Designer And Online Marketing Entrepreneur

Smart, Simple, The High Quality Web Designer

As a professional website designer and online marketing entrepeneur,I have already done my personal website project with my own structure through uk base company,since i were completed my designer course at HYC Training centre,I have already done several website project to one of the overseas company which located at india,and currently i am doing my personal website because of my recent career,with my excellent abilities in website business and online marketing,i have already twitter to many of my friends and clients about my professional skill,i were ability to identify and determine the key strategies that would develop a high quality website and a commitment to the world class product,as well as a pledge to develop the high level website between clients satisfacation,i am actively involved in website developing project and workshops as well as participating in website project where i have share my experiences with more than 500 friends and clients in around the world.Designer S.Mutusamy s/o Sinnaiah was born on 26 December 1974 at Kajang district Hospital which located at Hulu Langat selangor and he is fourth  son to late Mr.Sinnaiah s/o Mutusamy & late Mdm.Nagammah d/o Periasamy between six siblings,designer have already completed the requirements of professional competency prescribed by the University as defined in the Regulation and having solemnly pledged to be bound by its Code of Ethics is hereby awarded the Certified Management Executive on sixteenth day of December 2005.He also has succesfully completed a course of study and satisfied the requirement in Adobe Dreamweaver witness our hand seal on 30 day of january 2013,and he has successfully completed a course of computer typing skill and internet at Data computer service and he has been awarded a Adult English course at standard language centre Kuala lumpur.




Designer will help and match the relevant website design, transferable abilities and professional experience to organized your business by your own website, as a great designer i will express your personality and talent to everyone that make prove your career skill, as a designer i were consider my past experience and develop on that knowledge to come up with a solution, using this designer skill to upgreat our career level is one of the challenging in the business world, as a professional designer i am always followup my working strategies to grab the latest design which can attraction the cunsomer  view, designer view were always with entrepreneur and professional who prepare for grow their business by website and market online, as a professional designer i were always folowup my business strategies which can upgreat my online marketing selling to everyone who is professional,  more professional have been strugggle in lower in quality or value because of their communication between the other entrepreneur quite less because of their hightechnology physically weak, every professional entreprenuer must be strength with their hightechnology systems and business strategies to grow their business online by website hightechnology, no matter what is their career and what is their income, for develop your business and to increas your monthly income you should advertice your product by online website to grow your monthly income.  Home base online business is one of the professional work to every intelegent entreprenuer who were make online money, it is their business strategies which they can usually use for determine the monthly income and grow their online business by their personal website, as a professional designer i were always grab and express the cunsomer product to the other entreprenuer with the purpose of growing their business in multi level online marketing by business strategy to let them know that they are using the hightechnology communication to moved fast compare with the other multi level company, i were like to ending my business strategy here and my hope is to grow all the professional entreprenuer by online website to develop their professional business.